The Barn

Sun 30 Jun 13:00 - 13:40


The first years of Melissa Jefferson's life were rather monotonous. She sang gospel in church and played the flute in the school band. But everything changed when she discovered hip-hop as a teenager. A star was born. Lizzo - after the song ‘Izzo’ by Jay-Z - is a modern reincarnation of Missy Elliott. She calls herself a ‘bopstar’. A bold performer who isn’t afraid of a stunt or talking some clothes off. Lizzo lives in Prince’s native Minneapolis. She writes the kind of sleek retro funk that probably has given Bruno Mars more than his fair share of sleepless nights. Super singles like ‘Boys’ and ‘Juice’ were the perfect warm-ups for ‘Cuz I love you’ (2019), an album that sound like the late Aretha Franklin released a rap record. With special guest Sasha (Lizzo's flute). Sasha even has her own Instagram account with almost 50,000 followers.

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