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Liam Gallagher

‘Fuck Oasis’. The words uttered with perverse pleasure by Liam Gallagher, when in 2009 brother Noel leaves the band that defined their lives for a decade. Liam rounds up the remaining members of Oasis and forms Beady Eye. It's no small task. In Oasis, it was Noel who supplied the lion's share of the songs. After five years and two albums it grinds to a halt. This band thing doesn't really suit Liam. He does a lot better under his own steam. His solo debut ‘As you were’ (2017) goes gold in England in the first week and is warmly received. Inspiration is running high. Album #2 ‘Why me? Why not.’ (2019) is still warm when Gallagher announces his third album. What to expect live? Rock’n’roll, awesome musicians, Oasis anthems (‘Wonderwall’, ‘Supersonic’, ‘Roll with it’) and Liam at his absolute f****ng best.

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