The Slope

Sun 30 Jun 16:00 - 16:35


Her full name is Lauren Arnell-Cullen. She’s in her mid-twenties, is based in east London and she produces introspective chamber pop, in the vein of Beach House and Florence + the Machine. But you can also hear the influence of artists like Jeff Buckley and Amy Winehouse in her music. Laurel makes quite an impression with her bluesy singing voice and her reverb-soaked guitar. But what really sets her apart from other artists are her lyrics. She has the exceptional talent of being able to appeal to the head and the heart. Her debut album ‘DOGVIOLET’ (2018) is all about love. A popular theme which she nonetheless manages to tackle in a fascinating and honest way. ‘I wanted to make an album about love and all the emotions associated with it. About falling in love. About unrequited love. And about the strange forms that love can take.’

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