KluB C

Thu 30 Jun 13:45 - 14:10

Lady Blackbird

She’s been called ‘the Grace Jones of jazz’. Comparisons have been made to Billie Holiday, Chaka Khan and Amy Winehouse: the all-time greats. However, Marley Munroe – her real name – is only just out of the starting blocks. Her pseudonym Lady Blackbird comes from ‘Blackbird’, a song by Nina Simone that opens her debut ‘Black Acid Soul’ (2021). The title is somewhat misleading. It puts one in mind of P-Funk, steamy grooves and fat guitars. The record is actually more restrained than that, and firmly rooted in jazz. It was recorded in the studio in Los Angeles where Prince wrote ‘Purple Rain’. A limited number of instruments are used, with pianist Deron Johnson, who worked with Miles Davis for years, in a central role. The purpose of all this is to give Munroe’s impressive voice as much space as possible. She burns her songs into your mind and your heart. Hence the ‘acid’ in the title, of course!