Main Stage

Thu 27 Jun 21:50 - 22:40


KidCutUp - a.k.a. Tim Zick - is one of the hardest working American DJs. He learned the tricks of the trade in Milwaukee, his hometown. But he had to learn the hard way because people in the Midwest are not really that interested in this style of music. ‘If you can make it there, you can…’. The young man was noticed because of the way that he chops everything up - old and new, commercial and underground… - and then adds in some hip-hop. He has this stage name for many years. As a small boy he was called KidCutUp because he was good at chopping food in the kitchen. Zick was ready to move to Los Angeles in 2011. He quickly completed a handful of residences and made remixes for Chainsmokers, N.E.R.D. and Wiz Khalifa. Last year he became the sidekick of P!nk during her Beautiful Trauma Tour. Expect AC/DC + a-Ha + OutKast + Toto in the mix.

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