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Keane were part of the wave of British pop talent at the turn of the century, and they soon delivered on all their early promise. ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ was one of the biggest hits of 2004. What stands out is the piano, which earns Keane the ‘guitarless rock band’ epithet. ‘Hopes and Fears’ (2004) proved to be quite the debut: it sold three million copies in the UK, and went gold in the US. The next three albums entered the UK charts at number one, which is on a par with ABBA and The Beatles. But then the engine splutters. Keane go quiet, while contemporaries Coldplay and Snow Patrol go on to conquer the world. Then last year, after a seven-year hiatus, with the new album ‘Cause and Effect’ the band came back as strong as ever - as they already proved at their sell-out Ancienne Belgique gig. A most welcome reunion.

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