The Slope

Sat 29 Jun 13:45 - 14:15

John J. Presley

John J. Presley is proud of his famous surname, wearing it with pride and trying to live up to the honour. The blues artist from London was called ‘an oasis of calm in a storm of noise’ by the British newspaper The Times. His music is simultaneously primitive and poetic; his songs discuss personal feelings. There’s a sense of beautiful suspense to them. Blues and swamp rock are clearly Presley's greatest musical inspirations. But he also likes the jazz of John Coltrane, the noise of Mogwai and the goose pimples caused by Nick Cave’s music. Connoisseurs have recognised echoes of Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and Jack White in his music. All magnificent references for an artist whose first album, ‘As the night draws in’ (2019), was only just released. Then again, first impressions are seldom deceptive.

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