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Joep Beving

Some day, you’ll find your calling in life. Joep Beving was the face of MassiveMusic, the largest music production company for advertising in the world, for many years. The Dutchman worked for major brands like Adidas, Nike and Philips - until he worked so hard he burned out. His coach told him to do something that truly makes him happy. For Beving, that's playing the piano. As a child, he wanted to be a professional pianist, but a wrist injury forced him to stop. He became enraptured once again when he inherited his grandmother’s piano. It requires a softer touch, and that works for him. Joep self-produced his album and put it up on Spotify – and soon enough, four record companies were clamouring to sign him. In the end, he opted for the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon. Fast forward to today, and Joep Beving is one of the most listened to living pianists – he has given up his old day job for good.

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