KluB C

Sun 3 Jul 18:45 - 19:45

Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World is a band that has made history. The Arizona four-piece paved the way for the great audience for emocore 25 years ago. This was the combination of hardcore and melodic rock created in the 1990s by American bands like Fugazi and Sunny Day Real Estate. Their fourth album ‘Bleed American’ (2001) was a million seller and made the genre popular worldwide. After all these years, Jimmy Eat World are no less relevant. What’s behind the crazy name? Jimmy is the younger brother of guitarist Tom Linton. He was always fighting with Ed, their other brother, and Jimmy always won because he was heavier. Ed took revenge in the form of a drawing of Jimmy shoving the world into his mouth. The band has previously performed three times (2005 + 2011 + 2017) at Werchter.