Jamie xx

Jamie Smith, perhaps better known as Jamie xx, is one of the greatest musical minds of the 21st century. He is the visionary beatmaker who developed the blueprint for the melancholy indie pop of The xx. He is also a DJ with exceptional taste and an impressive musical knowledge. His sets are a parade of forgotten gems. ‘In Colour’ (2015), his first solo album, is the sum total of the two Jamies. It was a party album for the brain and the feet; for both the campfire and the dancefloor. It was a brilliant success, bagging nominations for the Brit Awards, Grammy Awards and many others. After that, he once again gave his undivided attention to The xx. However, the itch persisted, and this spring, the single ‘Idontknow’ gave us a glimpse of a sharper, more aggressive Jamie xx to come.

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