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Jake Bugg

In Jake Bugg’s world it’s always 1969. Old regulars such as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix can be heard floating around in his music. His most recent musical reference is Oasis. And the Gallagher brothers were born old. If it’s good it lasts forever, however. Bugg was first cast before the lions on the BBC’s talent stage at Glastonbury. A performance on Jools Holland’s TV show gained him a recording contract. ‘Jake Bugg’ (2012) consisted of folk bordering on country and gripping ballads. The album entered the UK charts at number 1 and its authenticity and oddball humour gained praise from the music press. He’s now three albums down the line and has honed his craft even further. A veteran at 25. Just as Jake hoped he would be.   

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