The Slope

Fri 6 Jul 13:30 - 14:05

Isaac Gracie

The one who's always compared to Jeff Buckley. But then again, Isaac Gracie does have a lot in common with that much lamented singer/songwriter. Such as a beautiful outside, concealing a tormented inside. And the fact that, just like Buckley, he can own a room with nothing more than an old guitar and a voice that breaks just at the right moment. The young Londoner trained in the Ealing Abbey Choir. He owes his gift for lyrics to his poet mother. Isaac wrote his early songs alone, in his bedroom, and released them on an EP fittingly entitled ‘Songs From My Bedroom’ (2016). Very soon his name created a buzz on social media. Not exactly what he had in mind, because he had wanted to cultivate an air of mystery. But that won't be easy now. His untitled debut album is one of this year’s inescapable hits.

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