The Slope

Thu 30 Jun 13:35 - 14:00


Ilayda Cicek from Peer had one great wish in 2017 when she won silver in Limbomania, a major Limburg talent contest. Her brittle songs needed a band to bring out the best in them. Enter drummer Cas Kinnaer and guitarist Sam Smeets. The mini-albums ‘ILA’ (2018) and ‘Montage’ (2019) created a buzz: this was a major new talent. She writes honest songs with raw emotion and just the right amount of grit in her voice. The last domino fell in late 2021 after she released ‘Felt’, a dark album with eastern influences. The song ‘Leave Me Dry’ was played on radio and ILA was part of Studio Brussel’s De Nieuwe Lichting 2022. The jury warmly recommended the group to fans of – obviously - PJ Harvey and Fontaines D.C. and decided: ‘ILA, elle l'a!’ An interesting fact: Ilayda plays guitar with BLUAI, another music competition winner.

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