The Slope

Sun 30 Jun 19:25 - 20:10

Ibibio Sound Machine

The whole world is brought together in Ibibio Sound Machine. Guitarist Alfred Bannerman is originally from Ghana, percussionist Anselmo Netto is Brazilian and vocalist Eno Williams was born in London but spent the majority of her youth in Nigeria. Her family is descended from the Ibibio people; hence the name of the group. The remaining five members of the eight-piece band are open-minded Brits. They come together in an intense clash of African elements and western electro, tradition and innovation. Ibibio Sound Machine is a hybrid steamroller which transforms Afrobeat, electro, funk and disco into universal dance music; partly in English, partly in Nigerian. The formula already works incredibly well on disc. But the best way to experience this colourful, borderless fusion is live.

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