KluB C

Sun 3 Jul 13:40 - 14:10

High Hi

It’s always a delight when a young band gets spotted by the industry greats. Joost Zweegers (Novastar) met High Hi as a member of the jury for Humo's 2014 Rock Rally and invited the power trio on tour. Their first single, ‘Calm down Sir’ (2015), was picked up by Steve Lamacq, trend spotter for BBC Radio 6, the best music channel in the UK. A dream start, and the trio have ever since been building on their momentum. High Hi have matured along seemingly contradictory lines. They mix spirited eighties indie rock with dreamy nineties shoegaze, joyfulness with melancholic undertones. Let's call it uptempo shoegaze. Their new album ‘Return to dust’ (2022), produced by Daan Schepers (Eefje De Visser, Warhola), is about boogie in the great beyond. Tears on the dance floor...