The Slope

Sat 2 Jul 22:30 - 23:25


Jordan Edward grew up in a musical family in Toronto, Canada. He taught himself to play guitar and piano and began rapping and beatboxing. Only when he worked as a DJ while studying did he realise he might be able to turn these gifts into a career. He left McGill University in Montreal for the Los Angeles sun and became Grandson. His music is never noncommittal. He juxtaposes hip-hop, punk and electronic music and merges them with stories based on social and political themes. Other important narratives relate to his struggles with depression and addiction.  The song ‘Blood//Water’ was awarded the SOCAN Songwriting Prize in 2019 in Canada and has since been listened to 500 million times. Strangely enough, he didn’t include it on his debut, ‘Death of an Optimist’ (2020).