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GLINTS is Jan Maarschalk Lemmens. Raised in Antwerp, he is blessed with a British accent thanks to family in London. He rose to the surface as a resident artist in the AB in Brussels in 2016. His music is described as ‘fresh sh*t reconciling elements of hip-hop, electronic and pop music’. Something along the lines of The Streets meets Oscar and The Wolf. Lemmens is a sensation on stage, as an excellent rapper, singer and creator of atmosphere. After a strong first impression with ‘Sirens’ and ‘Buggati’ he drew back into the shadows to work on his debut album. ‘Choirboy’ (2020) had to be perfect. The title refers to his early musical days, when GLINTS sang in the children's choir of Opera Ballet Flanders. He was thrown out a few years later, but it remains a crucial period: he is still that choirboy.

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