girl in red

In September 2017, Marie Ulven Ringheim realised she was in love with her best friend. She saw her in the distance at a concert and sent a text saying ‘girl in red’. Nothing came of it. But that moment of excitement and longing had a strong influence on her music from then on, says the Norwegian in her twenties. And she also had a readymade name for the songs she wrote in her bedroom on the guitar her grandfather had given her for her birthday when she was a teenager. Her first single ‘I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend’ was considered one of the best songs of 2018. It expressed the aspirations of many of her contemporaries and turned Ringheim into a beacon for the LGBT community. That may seem weighty but her songs are nimble and humorous, first and foremost. Her debut album ‘World In Red’ comes out in October.

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