The Slope

Thu 27 Jun 15:20 - 16:00


Geike’s future is finally ready for the off; and rightly so too. At the beginning of the century she was the siren in Hooverphonic. Geike Arnaert was the voice on such hits as ‘Mad About You’, ‘Jackie Cane’ and ‘Sometimes’. She left the band in 2008 to follow her own musical direction. This didn’t really crystallise until she met Joost Zweegers (Novastar). Together they wrote an album that was produced by Wouter Van Belle (Axelle Red, Gorki, Flip Kowlier). In the meantime, the unbelievable happened. The Dutch band BLØF invited Geike to perform a duet. ‘Zoutelande’ became the biggest Dutch-language hit in Flanders and the Netherlands – ever!  The latest album is in English and will be out after the summer but the single ‘Off Shore’ has already been enthusiastically received. Life begins at 40!

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