KluB C

Fri 6 Jul 21:15 - 22:15

Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand’s first performance at Rock Werchter in 2004 remains a memorable moment in the history of the festival. During the singalong numbers ‘Take me out’ and ‘The dark of the matinee’ the audience went completely out of its mind. ‘The people entertained us as much as we entertained them,’ said frontman Alex Kapranos afterwards. The Scots had succeeded in their mission: they had made guitar rock cool and sexy again. Over the past 15 years they have continued to hone that concept. The angularity of the early days is gone and has been replaced by driving beats. On ‘Always Ascending’ (2017), Franz Ferdinand go for maximum danceability. The French audio alchemist Philippe Zdar, of Cassius and Phoenix, helps them select and arrange. There’s disco on it. And white funk. And synth-pop. And glam rock. The message is clear: the - considerably reconfigured – group is coming to Werchter to smash things up.

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