Main Stage


Fontaines D.C.

‘Dublin in the rain is mine. A pregnant city with a catholic mind’. Those are the first two lines of ‘Dogrel’ (2019), the most hyped Irish rock debut for many a year. Fontaines D.C. aim to make music that sounds like Dublin feels. Like Lou Reed and The Smiths did with New York and Manchester respectively. The D.C. in the name stands for Dublin City, by the way. The raw production and pounding rhythms evoke the wet cobblestones, the never-ending nightlife in the pubs and the buzz of the waking city in the many early-morning markets. The common thread is the fear that this tender fabric will be consumed by our modern era. Hence the furious punk rock on one hand, and romantic references to the great Irish poets, James Joyce and W.B. Yeats, on the other. Rebellion meets poetry.

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