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Faith No More

Few groups confound expectations like Faith No More. With humour and a strong belief in their own ability, Faith No More are not only one of a kind, they are historically important. The band was the first to blend metal with funk and hip-hop in the 1980s. They recorded hits like ‘We Care A Lot’ and ‘Epic’ and five superb albums. The confirmed contrarians also hit big with ‘Easy’, a cover of a soul classic by the Commodores. By the late ‘90s it was all over. Ten years later, however, they picked up where they left off. First in concert, and then they went back into the studio. Album number six, ’Sol Invictus’ (2015) quickly hit top 10s all over the world. "Five years, four colonoscopies, two root canals and a handful of prostate exams tell us that it's time to carpe diem our asses back to Europe asap,” Faith No More said in a press release earlier this month. And so it shall be.