The Slope

Sat 7 Jul 17:55 - 18:30

Faces On TV

Jasper Maekelberg has made the most anticipated Belgian debut of 2018 with ‘Night Funeral’ . In recent years Jasper, who hails from Ghent, has made his name as a producer/mixer of contemporaries such as Bazart, Douglas Firs, Soldier’s Heart, Tsar B and Warhola. He is also a touring member of Warhaus and has played, amongst others, with Amongster and Yuko. And that’s not the half of it! In between all these activities Maekelberg slowly developed his own band. He is the frontman, vocalist, guitarist and producer of Faces On TV - in other words, the boss. Maekelberg believes the group needs to become something different from what he has already done. ‘It will be me as much as possible.’ And it must last as long as possible. ‘I’m aiming for timeless and I’m going to have to wait a few years until I find out if I’ve achieved that.’ Faces on TV has certainly hit the ground running. The EP ’Traveling Blind’ (2016) was given massive airplay on Studio Brussel and Radio 1 and the group has already played its first Pukkelpop. Expectations are therefore justifiably high.

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