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Eefje de Visser

Eefje de Visser is a love triangle involving Air, Cat Power and Solange. She takes the cinematic qualities of the first, the intangibility of the second and the sultry beats of the third.  It’s amazing how many artists are combined within De Visser: a songwriter, a beatmistress, a director, a choreographer... and always original. “I don’t understand it but I think it’s awesome,” someone on YouTube commented under the video for ‘Bitterzoet’ (2020). Her Dutch-language lyrics are of course excellent and do not seem to have prevented her from making waves beyond the Low Countries. And that’s what she wants. The sophisticated set-up at her shows has also helped, with two keyboard players, a drummer and two female vocalists who double up as dancers. Few have ever got so close to the genius of Björk.

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