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Dermot Kennedy

Like the rest of us, Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy is looking for the perfect work-life balance. But his way of doing it is perhaps a little out of the ordinary: by reconciling extremes. In his lyrics, Kennedy throws polar opposites, like love and suffering, into the ring. In his music he crashes romantic folk pop into hip hop and R&B. His first creation, ‘Doves & Ravens’ (2017), sounded like a record by Bon Iver and Frank Ocean. No wonder he made fans of Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift. The megahit ‘Power Over Me’ made the whole world sit up and pay attention. In January 2018, there was a memorable gig at AB Club, in the summer of that year he opened The Barn on Friday at Rock Werchter, and by the autumn of 2019 he packed out Forest National. Talk about meteoric.

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