The Barn

Fri 6 Jul 13:00 - 13:40

Dermot Kennedy

Like the rest of us, Dermot Kennedy is striving for the right work/life balance, but the young singer-songwriter from Dublin goes about it in a slightly unorthodox manner. You see, he tries to find a balance by reconciling extremes. His lyrics sharply and brutally juxtapose opposites such as love and suffering or life and death. In his vocal lines he constantly flits from high to low, and in his music, romantic folk-pop collides with hip-hop and R&B. Our first encounter with him, the 2017 ‘Doves & Ravens’ EP sounds like a collaboration between Bon Iver and Frank Ocean. It may not come as much of a surprise that both Taylor Swift and Glen Hansard are part of his rapidly growing fan base. The AB Club was an immediate sell-out on his first visit to Belgium in January of this year. That evening, Kennedy demonstrated that he is now ready for much larger venues.

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