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Fri 28 Jun 13:50 - 14:40

Denzel Curry

‘Love is just an art of war’, is Denzel Curry's motto. A pointed picture of the world of this Florida rapper. Into his raw hip-hop he injects trap and punk. His heroes include Outkast and the late Tupac Shakur. His main themes are criminality, police brutality and injustice. The mix tape ‘King of the mischievous South Vol. 1’ (2012) drew the attention of a few members of the Odd Future hip-hop collective. Rapper Earl Sweatshirt shouted Curry out on Twitter, and gave him a huge following on the west coast. Things took off after that. Billboard identifies Curry as one of the 10 most promising artists of 2019. His third album ‘TA1300’ (pronounced Taboo) reached the American Top 30. The explosive style of the young rapper made a big impression at Dour last year.

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