Main Stage

Fri 6 Jul 13:00 - 13:30


Upon his arrival at university Liam Fry found that economics wasn't his thing. He switched to linguistics and started writing songs. So good were Manchester's reactions to his acoustic performances that he dropped out of uni for good. He got in touch with a few old friends and started a band and before long Courteeners had a distinguished visitor. Stephen Street, legendary producer of The Smiths and Blur, saw they had something. The ‘St. Jude’ (2008) album went gold in the UK and scooped the Guardian newspaper’s First British Album Award. Ahead of Duffy and Adele. Bono described them as ‘the best band in the last 10 years’. Courteeners became a British institution, with a huge following in their home town. In May of last year they played to a crowd of 50,000 fans in Manchester. And that explains why, in all this time, they've never turned their attention to the continent. Time to put it right, lads!

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