KluB C

Sat 29 Jun 20:50 - 21:50

Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit is a literal translation of a Russian expression meaning 'rotten scoundrel'. Cellist and linguist, Grace Chatto, thought it the perfect name for the string quartet she formed in 2008 with violinist Neil Amin-Smith, one of the finest students England has ever seen. At the same time Chatto set up a film production house with her - equally brilliant - boyfriend Jack Patterson. The dream was to make videos for MTV. The Clean Bandit repertoire was originally conceived to support that ambition, but after the second single, 'Mozart's House' (2010), the music was screaming for a place in the foreground. The danceable-classic formula, with its brilliant guest vocals and cool imagery, was an express train to success, as can be seen in hits like ‘Rather Be’ (second biggest hit after ‘Happy’ in 2014), ‘Rockaby’ (the 2016 Christmas cracker), ‘Symphony’ and ‘Solo’.

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