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Thu 30 Jun 15:40 - 16:40

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen reached the final of Canadian Idol in 2007. She finished third but her cover of ‘Torn’ by Natalia Imbruglia made a lasting impression. Her major breakthrough came five years later with ‘Call Me Maybe’. The song didn’t do well at first, until Justin Bieber tweeted: ‘’Call Me Maybe’ is possibly the catchiest song I’ve ever heard’. When his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez agreed, all hell broke loose. The result? Number one in 19 countries and the best-selling single of 2012. Jepsen was afraid she’d always be known as the ‘Call Me Maybe’ girl, but those fears soon subsided. She shunned superstardom and took a purely artistic direction. It paid off. The queen of the charts became the queen of the hearts. Back home in Canada they call her ‘pop’s most beloved underdog’.