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Brittany Howard

Everybody loves Brittany Howard. She doesn't big herself up, this American, but she doesn't have to. Because everything changes when the ex- 'postie' from Athens, Alabama starts to sing. Which she's proven for years while fronting Alabama Shakes. The southern garage soul of this highly successful band is as old as the streets, but it looks like staying eternally young. With her thirties approaching Howard wanted to tell her own story. ‘Jaime’ (2019) is about her big sister, who died of cancer when Brittany was just 13. And to tell the story of faith, racism and love. Alabama Shakes is the musical compass. But there's room for funk, jazz and hip hop. Radio 1 describes ‘Jaime’ as ‘a fairytale wedding between Prince and Nina Simone’. Rarely is a solo project this beautiful.

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