Big Thief

Adrianne Lenker is raised in a religious sect. Her father/manager wants to make her a child star. Lenker is already playing bars at the age of twelve. A year later she releases her first album. Father/daughter relations turn sour. As it turns out, that bizarre past is not all bad. Lenker draws on it for her output in Big Thief today. It's so vast a source of inspiration that the New York four-piece release not one but two albums in 2019. ‘U.F.O.F’ and ‘Two hands’ are both received as essential, contemporary short story collections. Big Thief makes carefully composed folk rock with raw power and human warmth. It's always a good sign when a newcomer is extolled by a genre's best exponents. Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) is full of praise for Big Thief and The National’s Matt Berninger does a live cover of ‘Not’.

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