The Barn

Thu 30 Jun 19:30 - 20:45


Beck has a special place in the pop landscape. He can be classed as an alternative rock star, slotting neatly between mainstream and underground. Relevant, but never monopolising the spotlight. Early in his career, with ‘Loser’ (1994), he was looking like the mouthpiece for what they called the slacker generation. Beck declined this particular honour, preferring to take a more adventurous path. No two records have been the same, no album under par. His phone never stops ringing – over the years, Beck has collaborated with Flume and Gorillaz, as well as Paul McCartney and The White Stripes. His latest album ‘Hyperspace’ (2019) opens with Pharrell Williams asking him to guest on some new N.E.R.D. material. But in the end, it is a Beck record through and through. It's worth knowing that the man is a pedigree entertainer, and that every Beck concert is one huge party.

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