The Slope

Sat 29 Jun 20:35 - 21:20

Barns Courtney

The man who got a second chance. Barns Courtney grew up in the US but moved back to his native Great Britain at the age of 15, where he hoped to fulfil his dreams of a career in music. And he was well on the way to fulfilling it, when his band Dive Bella Dive was signed by Island Records. Unfortunately their first album was never released. All that remains are a few videos on YouTube. After the band was dropped from the label, Courtney went through some dark times. In 2015, Bradley Cooper decided to use his track ‘Fire’ in his upcoming movie, called ‘Burnt’ (2015). This led to requests for his music for other films, games and even ads. Courtney went on tour with his old school buddy Ed Sheeran and signed with Virgin Records soon after to produce his debut album. Number 2 is now well underway. Good news all around. Although Courtney is happy just to spend all his time writing and recording music again.

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