Main Stage

Thu 27 Jun 17:25 - 18:05

Bang Bang Romeo

You only come across a voice like that of Anastasia Walker’s once every ten years. She sounds amazing and is an important spokesperson for the LGBT community in Great Britain. Her companions Ross Cameron and Richard Gartland build a wall of music around her which, according to the critics, sounds like ‘a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack’ or ‘a sharper execution of Fleetwood Mac’. One of the trio’s greatest fans is Tony Iommi, the legendary Black Sabbath guitarist. It indicates how broadly and deeply the soulful, blues-tinged rock of Bang Bang Romeo touches people's souls. The group has toured with Foo Fighters, The Killers and Kasabian. Bang Bang Romeo’s debut album ‘A Heartbreaker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ (2019), comes out in February.

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