KluB C

Fri 6 Jul 23:25 - 00:25


Cosmopolitan dance music from Belgium. It seems like John Roan and Hendrik Willemyns, the hard core of Arsenal, founded the group in order to meet their musical heroes. After five albums, this resulted in an impressive guest list: the late Grant Hart (Hüsker Dü), John Garcia (Kyuss), Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys) and many, many more. The most important input for the new album ‘In The Rush of Shaking Shoulders’ (2018) came from Africa. Roan and Willemyns travelled to Nigeria, the cradle of afrobeat - one of the most swinging genres that humanity has ever produced. The local Edaoto & The Afrogenius Band supplied impulses for the new songs. Arsenal will be coming to Werchter for the seventh time, more than any other Belgian band.

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