The Slope

Sat 29 Jun 18:35 - 19:15

Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou was born in Kommtjie, South Africa, but decided she wanted to travel around Europe at the tender age of sixteen. She sponsored her trip by literally playing with fire on the streets. In Berlin, she decided to try busking. Like the minstrels in the Middle Ages. Her jazzy folk songs are similar in sound to Suzanne Vega and were well-received. Her barefoot performances on Warschauer Strasse became the best-kept secret of the German capital. And soon even Coldplay discovered her. They asked Alice Phoebe Lou to tour with them, but she turned down their offer. While she was very honoured, she couldn’t help but wonder if that was what she really wanted. And she is also fiercely independent. So the journey continues. Her new album ‘Paper Castles’ (2019) has all the ingredients to make her world-famous. On 11 May, she will present it at Berlin’s Columbiahalle. Capacity: 3,500…

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