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Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin’s promotional text on Spotify is devastatingly simple. And significant. ‘I’m Alec Benjamin. I’m from Arizona. I live in Los Angeles. I sing. I play guitar and piano. I got signed and I got dropped. I played in the lines of Shawn Mendes concerts to get fans. I handed out a ton of business cards. I wrote a bunch of new songs. The first one is called ‘Let Me Down Slowly’’. For there the story takes a hoped-for but unexpected turn. That first song from 2019 was listened to more than 500,000,000 times. And another 50 million times as a duet with Alessia Cara. Benjamin’s strength is obvious. He writes sensitive and detailed stories that are incredibly universal, despite the use of personal details from his own life. In other words, he’s ‘real’.   

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