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Agnes Obel

Agnes Obel is a Danish artist who was discovered in Germany by the boss of a Belgian record label. Kenny Gates saw her in a bar in Hamburg, where the rest of the crowd consisted of a) Obel’s sister, b) two friends, c) her manager and d) the barman. After six songs, Gates knew he’d struck gold. And he was right. ‘Philharmonics’ (2010) sold almost half a million copies. Not bad for a trained pianist who is infatuated with Claude Debussy and Erik Satie but is as enchanting and contemporary as Cat Power and PJ Harvey at the same time. Obel makes beautiful music that is so pure it is irresistible. And even more so since she broadened her palette with synthesizers and vocal experiments. Obel recorded her latest album ‘Myopia’ (2020) without any outside help. 

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