What is The Hive?

Welcome to The Hive! Let's celebrate camping! Those who want to get more out of the four-day Rock Werchter experience camp at The Hive! Visitors with a camping ticket for The Hive can expand the festival experience by one night. The Hive is all about service and comfort. To top things off, The Hive offers a party at Central Park every night.

With a camping ticket for The Hive, you have guaranteed access to The Hive campsite from Wednesday 29 June at 2 pm until Monday 4 July at 12 pm (noon), provided you also have a valid festival ticket or bracelet. A campsite ticket does not grant you access to the festival park.

A camping ticket for The Hive costs 30 euro (service charges included), regardless of the duration of your stay.

The Hive is located along the Werchtersesteenweg, in the A Zone, in Haacht within walking distance of the festival park.

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