What is The Hive Resort?

Do you like that little extra when you’re camping? The Hive Resort is a quiet and luxurious campsite located close to the festival park. The atmosphere is very relaxed. At The Hive Resort, you choose for a comfortable camping experience in a pre-pitched accommodation: a simple tent, a tipi or a luxurious lodge. Discover all available packages here.

During the festival days, all kinds of activities are organised in The Hive Resort. A relaxing yoga session in the morning? A game of pétanque with one of your fellow campers? Of course you can. The campsite is laid out so that there is a lot of lounge and chill room. There is a great café. There is delicious food. If you want, breakfast can be delivered 'to your door'. It is also a campsite with more convenient bathroom facilities. It has flush toilets. Taking a shower is free. And if you want to dance at night, you can head for CNTRL PRK at The Hive. That's what you call a holiday, isn't it?

The Hive Resort, which is part of The Hive campsite, is located along Werchtersesteenweg, in the A-Zone in Haacht.