The Hive My Space practical

The Hive My Space

Do you prefer a little more guaranteed personal space? Book your very own piece of campsite. The Hive My Space packages come in different sizes, with or without pre-pitched tent.

Click here for an overview of the available packages.

How to get there?

Travel smart, travel green. Use public transport! Your festival ticket entitles you to a free e-train ticket to and from Rock Werchter. At Leuven station catch the festival bus by De Lijn heading for Haacht (Line 1). The bus takes you to the bus stop in zone A. On Wednesday, only those with a The Hive camping ticket can enjoy this service. From Thursday 7 am until Monday 2 pm, the buses are available for all festivalgoers.

Do you live nearby? Then come to Rock Werchter by bike! Park your bike safely near the Festival Park, free of charge, at one of the the KBC bike stands. You would like to bike to Werchter, but the distance is a bit too large? Choose park & bike! Park your car for free and continue your journey by bike.

Coming by car? The car parks in zone A are accessed via the E19 Antwerp - Brussels. From the motorway follow the signs to the car parks. Traffic on this route could be heavy. Prefer to steer clear of the busy zone A? Leave the E314 at exit 21 Holsbeek, and park in zone B, within walking distance from The Hive.

Security measures at the entrance

There will be pat-down searches at The Hive, The Hive My Space and The Hive Resort's entrance. Backpacks and luggage will be searched extensively.

Central Park

Central Park. For leisure and entertainment. For a drink and a bite. At daytime, Central Park is all about entertainment. Late night, there’s time for party and cosiness. Central Park is centrally located (what’s in a name?) inside The Hive and accessible to people staying on The Hive, The Hive My Space or The Hive Resort.​​​​​​​

Comfort zones

The Hive aims for quality and  comfort. That is reflected in more showers, more toilets and more water taps for campers. These facilities will be located in various comfort zones spread across the campground. A shower costs 1.5 beverage/food vouchers at The Hive, and is free of charge at The Hive Resort and The Hive My Space. Toilets are always free of charge and accessible 24 hours a day.

There are more than enough showers and toilets in every comfort zone. There is free Wi-Fi, a small bar with a terrace. Hot and cold beverages, breakfast and delicious sandwiches will be served in the comfort zones. Campers can also cook/heat up their own food in the cooking area, which will have hot plates, microwave ovens and electric kettles. Lockers are available to store your valuables safely.

Clean camping

In order to keep the campsites as clean as possible, each camper will receive bin bags on arrival. The idea is to leave the (full) bags in the dedicated area when you leave.

Packing your tent and taking it back home with you is a piece of cake. We count on your common (and green) sense to go for a greener Werchter together.

Food and drinks

There is an extensive range of catering available at The Hive. There is a breakfast bar in each comfort zone. There are various food stands in Central Park. There is something for everyone. Beers and soft drinks will be on sale at the drinks stands. Specialised stands will also be selling coffee, milk, fruit juice, wine and cocktails.

You pay at the drinks and food stands with food and drink vouchers. The food and drink vouchers from the festival park are also valid for payments in The Hive. You can buy these vouchers in advance.

You can freely use the taps with drinking water at the sanitary blocks spread out over the festival grounds. In case of hot weather, we recommend everyone to drink plenty of extra water.

Charging point

You can visit the Proximus phone charging stands located at Central Park to get your hands on the Proximus powerbank.

Free Wifi

Free WiFi is available in every comfort zone and in Central Park.

First aid

The Red Cross and the ambulance service from Leuven are permanently present. Need first aid? Call 112 or call for help through the App 112. Never hesitate to ask a (camping) crew member for help. There is a permanent first aid post of the Red Cross at The Hive. The pharmacy in Werchter (Tweebruggenstraat 7) is open during every festival day, from 1 pm to 6 pm.

Avoid theft

A good piece of advice: leave your valuables at home. And whatever you do, don’t leave them in your tent unsupervised. None of the organizing parties (campsite staff, festival organizer, local authorities) can be held responsible for possible theft. Should you decide to take valuables along, you can always store them in the lockers in every comfort zone or at The Hive Resort.

Do's & Don'ts


  • Gazebos larger than 3 by 3 metres, or tents of an excessive size*
  • Glass, sharp objects, weapons.
  • Tapping equipment. Drinks are available at the campsites for a reasonable price.
  • Gas burners and installations are forbidden by order of the fire department.
  • Dry ice
  • Generators, they cause extra noise and constitute an additional safety hazard.
  • Fire (torches, candles, cookers, charcoal BBQ, etc) is dangerous, especially with so many tents crowded together.
  • Pets, except for assistance dogs (either or not in training) for people with a disability.
  • Music equipment making too much noise will be confiscated.
  • Commercial activities: it is strictly forbidden to deal drugs, sell food or drinks, tickets and so on.
  • Flyers: it is forbidden to hand out flyers or any other promotional material.
  • Cars, motorbikes, trailers, caravans, camper vans, etc. They endanger camping safety. Hand trucks (trolleys) aren't allowed either. Motorhomes and campers are only allowed on Camping Mobilhome.


  • enjoy your stay
  • make friends
  • respect your fellow campers
  • get enough sleep
  • brush your teeth
  • wash your hands
  • shower regularly
  • keep the campsite clean, together with us

(*) About gazebos (‘party tents’): only gazebos with a maximal size of 3 metres by 3 metres are allowed. Gazebos have to be set up to cover at least half of your tent. Gazebos cannot be set up next to each other. A maximum of one gazebo is allowed in between multiple tents. Any tents/gazebos not pitched according to the rules will be removed. Please follow The Hive campsite staff’s directions. May we ask to securely set up your gazebo, taking into account its wind sensitivity?

Safety on The Hive

The Hive and The Hive My Space campsites are divided into zones with fire lanes in between. Tents at The Hive have to be pitched on the designated camping spots. Please follow the campsite staff’s instructions. Fire lanes have to be clear at all times. Any material in the fire lanes will be removed by the campsite staff. The Hive is surrounded by a service lane. Very convenient for logistics, but also necessary for quick interventions by the emergency services and evacuations.

Gas burners and barbecues are not allowed on The Hive. If you wish to prepare your own hot meal or snack, take a look in the comfort zones.

Collect your festival bracelet early, on Wednesday.

Campers with a camping ticket for The Hive, The Hive My Space or The Hive Resort can already exchange their combi festival ticket for a combi festival bracelet on Wednesday (until 11pm), at the entrance of their campsite. Very convenient!

At your service

Our camping staff will be on hand to advise and assist campers. Do not hesitate to talk to these employees if you need help or information.