What is The Hive ADL?

Near the festival entrance, in the A zone, Rock Werchter has provided, in collaboration with Inter, a camping site for festivalgoers with a disability. You need specific camping tickets to stay at the this camping site!!

This camping site is meant for people who, due to their disability, cannot stay at the regular camping sites. All the necessary facilities are present at this camping site so that visitors with a disability can fully enjoy the festival:

  • Accessible toilets and showers
  • Care area (with hoist and assistance bed). You can also leave and charge your wheelchair at night.
  • Dedicated parking spaces near the camping site
  • You can always call on ADD staff for assistance, free of charge. This may include: pitching your tent, help getting around, using the toilet, eating... Do not hesitate to talk to an ADD assistant, whenever you require assistance.
  • We provide electricity as far as your tent if this is necessary for your disability (for ex: in case of sleep apnea or if you need other electric appliances). Electric wheelchairs can be charged in the care area where we provide a charging point (so we do not provide electricity as far as your tent).
  • We have a refrigerator to store medication. If you only need to use the refrigerator to store your medication and you do not need to use the other facilities, we would like to refer you to The Hive campsite (where you can store your medication at the first aid tent). In that case you cannot use the dedicated camping site.

The Hive ADL campsite opens on Thursday at 8 am and closes, like every other camping site, on Monday at 12 pm (noon).

Important: to stay at the dedicated camping site, you need specific tickets. These tickets can be booked by filling in this form.

Tickets for the dedicated camping site cost 30 euro (service charges included) and are limited in number. Reservations are only possible if you send us a European blue parking card or other official document as proof of disability.

Friends and relatives of disabled festivalgoers wishing to stay at this camping site are welcome as well (with a maximum of 4 people). Just like any other camping facility, this one requires a valid camping ticket regular. Friends, family... of campers with a disability are equally welcome at The Hive ADL (max. 4 people). When you order your camping tickets, be sure to order the right amount! The tickets for the dedicated camping site are to be registrated under the name of the person with a disability (and not under the name of one of the companions).

If you do not wish to use the dedicated camping site, you do not need to buy specific tickets. However, if you want to use other facilities (parking, alternative entrance, folding chair...), please make your request by filling in this form.

Please make your request for all necessary facilities before 10 June 2022!

If you have questions about the facilites for people with a disabilty, please contact rockwerchter@inter.vlaanderen.