Camping regular practical

How to get there?

We recommend to travel to/from the festival using public transport. For those living closer to the festival, arriving by bicycle is a great option. Read more on 'How to get there?' here.

Map: camping & parking areas

Camping bracelet

In exchange for a valid camping ticket and upon presentation of a valid festival ticket, you can check in to the campsite. You will receive a camping bracelet showing which campsite you are staying on. This bracelet does not grant access to any of the other campsites.

Tip: do you wish to camp with friends? Be sure to decide on the campsite of your choice in advance!

First aid

The Red Cross and the ambulance service from Leuven are permanently present. Need first aid? Call 112 or call for help through the App 112. Never hesitate to ask a (camping) crew member for help. There is a permanent first aid post of the Red Cross at The Hive. The pharmacy in Werchter (Tweebruggenstraat 7) is open during every festival day, from 1 pm to 6 pm.

Not allowed on the campsite

  • Gazebos larger than 3 by 3 metres, or tents of an excessive size.
  • Glass, sharp objects, weapons.
  • Tapping equipment. Drinks are available at the campsites for a reasonable price.
  • Gas burners and installations are forbidden by order of the fire department.
  • Dry ice
  • Generators cause extra noise and they constitute an additional safety hazard.
  • Fire (torches, candles, cookers, charcoal BBQ, etc) is dangerous, especially with so many tents crowded together.
  • Pets, except for guide dogs.
  • Music equipment making too much noise will be confiscated. Respect your fellow campers' sleep.
  • Commercial activities: it is strictly forbidden to deal drugs, sell food or drinks, tickets and so on.
  • Flyers: it is forbidden to hand out flyers or any other promotional material.
  • Cars, motorbikes, trailers, caravans, camper vans, etc. They endanger camping safety. Hand trucks (trolleys) aren't allowed either. Motorhomes cna campers are only allowed on Camping Mobilhome.

Clean camping

In order to keep the campsites as clean as possible, each camper will receive bin bags on arrival. The idea is to leave the (full) bags in the dedicated area when you leave.

Safety at the campsite

Every campsite is divided into zones with fire lanes between them. Tents must be set up on the proper pitches. Please follow the campsite staff's instructions. Tents in the fire lane will be removed by the campsite staff.

Avoid theft

A good piece of advice: leave your valuables at home. And whatever you do, don’t leave them in your tent unsupervised. None of the organizing parties (campsite staff, festival organizer, local authorities) can be held responsible for possible theft. Should you decide to take valuables along, you can always store them in the lockers at the festival park, at The Hive or at The Hive Resort.

Questions and liability

Contact the camping manager on the spot.

Rock Werchter’s campsites - except for The Hive and The Hive Resort - are run by local associations, not by the festival’s organizers. The latter cannot be held responsible for any abuse on campsites. Complaints should be lodged with the campsite supervisor. Of course, problems may be pointed out to the local authorities of Haacht or Rotselaar and to the festival organizers as well. All camping-related matters are co-ordinated by the local councils of Haacht and Rotselaar. They have drawn up the rules with regard to pricing, opening hours, number of toilets, wrist bands, lighting, firebreaks, cleaning...