Jun 21, 2019

Rock Werchter tropical: our heatwave plan

The most recent weather charts suggest Rock Werchter is going to be hot. Very hot. The festival organisers are putting measures in place to ensure that the conditions are right even in tropical temperatures, and have set out a heatwave plan.

One word is key: water. Festivalgoers and staff are requested to drink plenty of water. Water is available for free at all sanitary units in the Festivalpark. Festivalgoers are now also permitted to bring their own empty bottles with them in order to fill them with cold water. By the way: one coupon buys you 50cl of Spa Reine.

There are also a number of refreshment points in the Festivalpark with non-drinking water. Cooling sprinkler systems will also be placed around the Festivalpark.

The Barn and KluB C will be air-conditioned. The warm, oxygen-poor air will be drawn off at the top of the tent while cool air is blown into the tents below. In this way the internal temperature can be kept several degrees lower than the outdoor temperature.

If necessary, the organisers will be handing out water at the entrance to the Festivalpark and in the spaces in front of the stage, at the entrance of the The Hive on Wednesday. A team of sun lotion distributors will also be dispatched to the festival grounds and The Hive. Teams are also on stand-by to hand out water at the train station in Leuven.

Festivalgoers are requested to ensure they are protected from the sun. Sun lotion is not an unnecessary luxury. We also suggest you wear a hat or cap. Festivalgoers are asked to be alert for people sleeping in the sun, and to wake them up if necessary.

The Rock Werchter organisation is also initiating a comprehensive communications plan from today. Ticketholders will receive an electronic newsletter full of practical tips in their inboxes. Information will also be provided via the website and social media channels. During the festival itself, electronic message boards and the big screens next to stages will act as information channels. We recommend downloading the official Rock Werchter mobile app to your smartphone. The notification systems embedded in the app allow visitors to receive updates quickly and efficiently.  

And finally: the festival organisers have a permanent direct line to Meteogroup. During the festival, organisers will be in continuous contact with emergency services and authorities. A weather forecaster will be in attendance throughout the festival. The situation will be monitored continuously.