Jun 19, 2020

Rock Werchter for LIVE2020, part 2

We are proud to present Rock Werchter for LIVE2020. It's live, it's digital.  Our Rock Werchter summer bar (zomerbar) opens from 2 to 5 July at the North West Walls site in the Festivalpark. Intimate concerts are set to take place there: Selah Sue on Thursday 2 July, Tourist LeMC on Friday 3 July and Bazart on Saturday 4 July. On Sunday 5 July, the Rock Werchter for LIVE2020 tv show will be broadcasted from the Festivalpark. Confirmed musical guests are Emma Bale, Glints, SONS, Eefje de Visser and Arno. Live on Canvas, Proximus Pickx and rockwerchter.be

Online, RWTV will show a selection of the best concerts from the festival archives via Proximus Pickx and on rockwerchter.be. There are online parties for those who want to celebrate at home or elsewhere with their bubble of friends. Plenty of memories will be recalled and shared. And there will also be a quiz on Saturday night.

The complete online programme of Rock Werchter for LIVE2020 will be available soon on the Rock Werchter app and rockwerchter.be.  Tickets for the different Zomerbar concerts go on sale tomorrow.  You can sign up for the Rock Werchter Huiskamerquiz as from now.

All proceeds of the different Rock Werchter for LIVE2020 initiatives are  donated to LIVE2020, the solidarity fund of the Belgian live music scene.