Jul 3, 2018

Rock Werchter adds Brazil - Belgium to the line-up

The Festival Park will look distinctly black, yellow and red this Friday, when the Brazil-Belgium World Cup quarter final is shown on the big screen. Festivalgoers will be able to watch the game by the North West Walls and near The Slope. But as fun as football may be, music is still the main order of business at Rock Werchter. While the action at The Slope will temporarily come to a halt, the Main Stage, The Barn and KluB C concerts will be going ahead as planned. The concerts of Todiefor and Faces On TV are moved to Saturday 7 July, still on The Slope stage. Festivalgoers staying at campsite The Hive or The Hive Resort will be able to enjoy Brazil-Belgium and all the other quarter final games there on big screens as well.