May 15, 2018

North West Walls, edition #5!

Rock Werchter is in full shape. The Belgian festival presents a rock solid line-up for its 2018 edition. The fifth edition of North West Walls, Rock Werchter's street art project, kicks off shortly. Last year's works, which currently adorn the metres-high container stacks, are about to be blanked out. For the fifth edition of North West Walls, curator Arne Quinze has selected another six of the world's very best street art artists. Bik Ismo (Puerto Rico), Joram Roukes (Netherlands), Adele Renault (Belgium), Mantra (France), Mohamed L’Ghacham (Morocco/Spain) & Hyuro (Argentina) will create their walls in the coming month. The works can be admired in the Festivalpark for the year following the Rock Werchter festival.

Rock Werchter has previously demonstrated that art has its place at a festival. In 2014, North West Walls brought art to the festival on a massive scale. As art projects go, North West Walls is an ambitious one. It is a beacon in the landscape and can be admired in the Festivalpark long after the festival period has ended. It is a permanent installation. But then in a way, it is not, because it looks different every year. Arne Quinze, curator of the street art festival, aims to focus on the value of diversity in our public spaces. He encourages us to be more creative with and conscious of the environment we live in. With North West Walls, he brings the international world of street art to Werchter; now its fifth edition. Alexandre Orion (BRA), Astro (FR), Bezt Etam (PL), Case Ma’Claim (DE), Defo (BE), Deih (ESP), Fintan Magee (AU), Gamma Acosta (US), Hoxxoh (US), Jarus (CAN), Jen Zie (BE), Low Bros (DE), Lula Goce (ESP), Martin Ron (ARG), Nosego (US), Nychos (AT), Phlegm (UK), Pichi & Avo (ESP), Pixel Pancho (IT), ROA (BE), Smates (BE), Smug (UK) and Telmo Miel (NL) have already participated in North West Walls.