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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
The Slope

The Mary Wallopers

Not all of the consequences of the coronavirus were negative. The Mary Wallopers gained fame through the home concerts they streamed during lockdown. The most infectious Irish party band since The Pogues fits perfectly into a decades-long tradition of ribald songs about sex, drink and the devil. The young rabble-rousers raise a finger to the establishment with their blend of rap, punk and matured Celtic folk music. Frontmen and brothers Charles and Andrew Hendy also perform as T.P.M., a committed rap duo with humorous songs like ‘Eat That Curry’ and ‘Don’t Ever Smoke Skunk’. However, The Mary Wallopers are their main concern. Music is a serious business in a country with a rich culture and a weighty history. ‘It’s a way of coping with life for us’.  


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