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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
The Barn


After almost three years of complete radio silence, Tamino returns with the powerful ‘Sahar’ (2022), which includes a duet with Angèle, who sings in English on ‘Sunflower’. This return again comes with the support of Colin Greenwood. The bassist of Radiohead – a band he admires greatly - could also be heard on Tamino’s debut album ‘Amir’ (2018). The warm glow comes from the Oud, an ancient eastern string instrument that Tamino learned to play during the pandemic, an ode to his extraordinary background. His paternal grandfather was as popular in Egypt as Frank Sinatra elsewhere. His grandson now exposes this Arab heritage to other musical traditions, with a voice marinated in melancholy, looks that made him the face of Italian luxury fashion brand Missoni and with great eagerness and curiosity.


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