Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
KluB C


Portland was born at PXL Music, the rock college in Hasselt. Jente Pironet and Sarah Pepels found that their voices matched perfectly and that they shared a love for the late singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. He lived in the American city of Portland for many years, hence the name. Their 2019 debut ‘Your Colours Will Stain’ opened all the doors right away. ‘Killer’s Mind’ and ‘You Misread Me’ were made for radio, and the same year the band caused chills on a boiling hot day in The Barn at Werchter. They were lauded by De Mens for their great cover of ‘Ergens Onderweg’ and by Joost Zweegers (Novastar) for their backing vocals on ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ during a TV show. Just prior to the release of ‘Departures’ (2023), Sarah announced her departure after seven years. The story continues with Jente. 


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